The project aims to develop low-cost sensors to provide enriched information on the behavior of (s) person (s) inside a building. The sensors currently available are limited, in general they only provide a bimodal response type presence / absence. This is very good for controlling the lighting of a room but it is insufficient to automate a decision of greater scope. For example, to detect a fall that is prolonged. Many other features could be addressed in security, assisted living and energy management. Our ambition is to propose on the market several products of different ranges and performances coming from a platform of capture and characterization of the human activity, merging data of detection of the Infrared radiation emitted by the Man of different qualities and technologies ( in particular, a new technology from the Grenoble start-up IRLYNX), sound data or data from external communicating objects. The consortium proposed to carry out this project is based on LEGRAND (electrical and digital building infrastructure ...) leader in its field and three SMEs that will allow a wide and consistent dissemination of products from this project. This project is in the convergence and continuation of the projects FUI01 CAPTHOM, FUI14 E-monitor'age and the CATHARSYS project, laureate in 2014 of the first phase of the 2030 global innovation contest.

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Start of the project on28 / 05 / 2024 | End of project on28 / 05 / 2024

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