The CLEBER 2 project aims at developing a material allowing parts of industrial systems to ensure at the same time their functional role and that of intelligent sensor. The combination of this material AND its measurement chain will be called "autosensor". The autosensor will have to be able to ensure its functions in severe or even extreme conditions of use (temperature, pressure, acceleration...) which can create great deformations and damage the system. The autosensor will also have to collect and transmit in real time measurements related to its operation and/or its damage over time. Data processing algorithms (AI) associated with certain simulations will be developed to monitor and predict the evolution of the systems. The project, which is consistent with the themes of the MATEX RDA and the S2E2 cluster, is based on skills acquired during previous projects and on a multidisciplinary partnership in the Centre-Val de Loire region, consisting of three research laboratories (LaMé, PRISME and ICMN) and two SMEs (EFJM and ATCOM télémétrie). The CLEBER 2 demonstrator will have for ideal objective, to characterize the pressure exerted by a piston seal at the level of its rubbing contact and to follow its evolution according to the lived events by its double function mechanical and of data transmission.

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