The BrainMut project is part of the Center Region's approach to increase technological innovation in the field priority of health. This project combines the development of new electronic components (micro-machined capacitive transducers cMUT) whose research is articulated with the strategic action areas of the S2E2 competitiveness cluster, with a methodology innovative ultrasound imaging of the mechanical properties of brain tissue allowing the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases. The recent application in the field of medical imaging techniques based on noise correlation methods seismic data, previously developed in the field of terrestrial mantle tomography, open up new perspectives the biomechanical characterization of the brain. During this project BrainMut, we will implement the tools to obtain in vivo the elasticity of the brain tissue from the natural movements (physiological noise) related to the blood flow. To do this, we will develop a new low-frequency cMUT probe technology adapted to the crossing of the cranial box, connected to a system ultra-fast imaging, and develop dedicated passive elastography algorithms for the brain. The complementarity of project partners BrainMut will set up a cross-sectional study from the design of a probe demonstrator cMUT innovative coupled with an original imaging method of in vivo characterization of the biomechanical properties of the brain.

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