Over the past 30 years, WILLIAMSON ELECTRONIQUE has become a leading company recognized for its expertise in the design and production of autonomous energy systems. The company's engineering department has complete mastery of the battery design chain: selection of suitable electrochemical modules, electronic design (hardware, software and routing), 3D mechanical design, validation tests and qualification. WILLIAMSON ELECTRONIQUE equips, for example, on-board devices on space launchers, as well as distress beacons on civil and military aircraft. Applications range from oceanography and meteorology to offshore platforms, not forgetting home automation, where they are present with major market player


Integration of all types of electrochemical cells, whatever the technology and format, Electronic and mechanical design of energy systems, Custom assembly of batteries of all technologies and formats, Control and compliance with national and international regulations applicable to the transport of lithium batteries...

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Electronics : materials, components and subsystems

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