Wattway is a French innovation patented after 5 years of research conducted by Colas, a world leader in transport infrastructure, and INES, National Institute of Solar Energy. By combining the techniques of road construction with those of photovoltaic production, the Wattway roadway provides electricity, clean and renewable energy, while allowing the circulation of any type of vehicle. Currently in test phase under real conditions, Wattway has the advantage of producing electric power without encroaching on agricultural surfaces and natural landscapes. Wattway is helping to increase the share of photovoltaics in the energy mix in France and around the world.


Wattway is at the interface between road engineering and the field of photovoltaics. Currently, in an experimental phase, Wattway is tested under different climates and traffic conditions. Laying techniques and electrical architectures are also tested to offer the best service to users in the near future. Among the full-scale experiments, Tourouvre is Wattway's largest open-air laboratory. Deployed over a linear kilometer and compatible with all types of traffic, this experimental project is a world first.

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