Multidisciplinary, the University of Limoges proposes all the domains of studies as well as specialties which lean on strong axes of its activity of research: Optics and Microwaves, Cryptography, Surface Treatments, Ceramic Materials, Chemistry and environment, Law of the Environment, Genomics, Immunology, Pharmacology, Semiology, Bank and international finance … Strongly undertaken in a policy of international opening, the University of Limoges welcomes 14 000 students, including a lot of foreign students and researchers, and it offers them wide possibilities of stay abroad. The University of Limoges has also sites at Brive, Tulle, Egletons, Meymac, Neuvic, Guéret, Ahun and La Souterraine. The University of Limoges is the biggest research development and innovation organism, of the Limousin region, welcoming more than 700 researchers and teachers-researchers.

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