Founded and managed by Carole Descroix, Terapolis specializes in the development of large-scale power plants in France, with a target of 2.5 GW by 2028. It is backed by a European company financed by the American investment fund Carlyle, one of the world's leading asset managers. In the image of its brand name, which combines energy (TERA) and a genuine policy at the service of territories (POLIS), the company offers landowners a reliable project that is both economically and environmentally viable. This dual requirement is underpinned by an offer that combines technological research & development, societal innovation and a strong commitment on the part of its teams to serving local energy needs.


Terapolis wants to think big by developing large-scale renewable energy plants anchored in local communities. Its ambition is to develop 2.5 GW of renewable energy projects in France by 2028, and to become a leader in the renewable energy sector.

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