TEKIN is a consultancy and engineering office in IT and electronics, specialist in connectivity and IoT tailor-made Our vocation is to facilitate the entry of connected solutions in companies: - Consulting: Project Clarification, Architecture and Solution Design, Applicable Technology Guidance - Technical services: Design and electronic development and software (su sensor application), support for the exploitation (production of equipment, data management ...)


• Services and project management related to connected systems • Analog and digital electronic design, sensors . Microcontrollers, linux modules, embedded software, etc. • Transmission of digital data, in radio (BLE, LoRa, ...) and wired (Ethernet, serial protocols, fieldbus ...), local and operated networks • Securing the transported data • NFC, RFID, contactless technologies • Databases, web technologies, storage (local and cloud), data exploitation . Data Platforms • Data processing and display, HMI, IoS and Android mobile applications

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Électronique : matériaux, composants et sous-systèmes

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