The Sparklin connected plug is a charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (IRVE) suitable for soft mobility (electric bikes, scooters, gyropods) and light vehicles (scooters, cars, light commercial vehicles) with slow charging (16A, 3.7 kWh) . The Sparklin plug supports the decarbonisation of the transport sector thanks to a service based on shared registers allowing infrastructure managers (mobility operators and accommodation providers) to monitor and charge for their charging service, including electricity consumption linked to charging. . Sparklin is the result of a collaboration of 3 players associated with the capital of Sparklin Thierry JAHIER, for access to the mobility market 4MOD, designer and manufacturer of connected objects and remote controls Emblock, software publisher and specialist in shared registers in energy


Sparklin is an industrial company registered under the NAF code 2651B: Design, manufacture, marketing, distribution and management of all scientific and technical instrumentation products and services. Sparklin offers a slow charging offer that accompanies the decarbonisation of transport. It meets the needs for the massive deployment of charging infrastructures dedicated to electric mobility (electric car, plug-in hybrid car, electric scooter, electric bicycle, scooter and all electric Segways). The Sparklin offer (Wifi / 4G) is the 1st in a range of products dedicated to vehicle charging. The Sparklin offer (Wifi / 4G) is aimed particularly at shared spaces where the parking time is extended, up to 95% of the time for cars according to AVERE: park and ride facilities, residences, businesses ... "Place shared, shared socket " The prototypes have been in design since the end of 2020 by the Sparklin teams and its partners: 4MOD and Emblock. From May 2021 to December 2021, demonstrators will be organized to test the entire value chain of the service. The industrialization of the Sparklin offer is planned from September 2021. Commercial development will take place first in France in 2021 and then internationally in 2022 (Germany, Benelux, Spain, Italy, Portugal and South America) . Sparklin's offer includes 4 major items: A reinforced and connected 3.7 kWh socket The use of a chain of shared registers (Blockchain type) Applications for users, installers and mobility operators Web tools for supervision and online payment

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