Born almost a century ago in Poitiers and resolutely looking to the future, the SORÉGIES Group is an integrated energy company: production and supply of gas and electricity, management of distribution networks, public lighting, energy services and low-carbon mobility. Committed to sustainable development and energy transition, SORÉGIES, the Group's core business, offers its customers local and socially responsible energy, efficient and local solutions, and innovation at the service of environmental excellence. In order to share its values and to offer "local energy" throughout France, SORÉGIES federates more than 50 local energy companies within the mutualist supplier Alterna énergie. Through its subsidiary SERGIES, the Group is a major producer of renewable energy: more than 45 hectares of photovoltaic power plants, 14 wind farms, 36 hydroelectric power plants, as well as 4 methanization/biogas units, representing a total annual production of 400 Gwh. In 2020 SOREGIES had a consolidated turnover of 563 M€. Its reference shareholders are the municipalities and inter-municipalities gathered within the Syndicat ÉNERGIES VIENNE, alongside the Caisse des Dépôts and Crédit Agricole Touraine Poitou.


Smart grids, renewable energies, street lighting, electricity and gas supply, energy management / energy efficiency, electric mobility, collective self-consumption.

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