Soltena is the regional cluster for the circular economy and ecological transition in New Aquitaine. It is both a regional network and a resource center that brings together 200 committed economic players who, through the products they develop, the practices they integrate and the innovations they deploy, are working to promote the energy transition, the circular economy, environmental preservation and sustainable development. Supported by the Region and Ademe Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Soltena promotes synergies and the structuring of collaborative approaches at the service of territories, industries and environmental sectors.


Develop, lead and promote companies in environmental sectors (biodiversity, water, waste, energy, air quality, sites and soils) / Drive and support company and regional projects to preserve the environment, promote ecological transition and adapt to climate change / Lead regional initiatives initiated by the Region and Ademe: Biodiversity and companies, development of the water sector and water transition, circular economy, industrial and territorial ecology, eco-design.

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Smart grids

Smart buildings and territories

Electrical systems for mobility

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