The SKF Group is one of the leaders on the bearing manufacturing market. The group work in more than 32 countries. In those 32 countries, there are 130 factories, 140 offices and a 15 000 suppliers/distributors network all over the world. In St-Cyr-sur-Loire, the mechatronic product development is focused on electric motor control and embedded systems for rotation performance. SKF makes us of its expertise in bearing failure analysis and in mechatronic integration in order to develop innovative, economical and connected industrial products.


SKF’s specialists in mechanics, mechatronics, electronics and embedded software study their customer and market needs in order to offer and industrialize products with their colleagues in the factory (St-Cyr and Austria). The expertise fields are magnetic systems and coders, vibration analysis, algorithms, encapsulation and hardening of embedded electronics. SKF covers the whole chain from the applied research to the delivery to OEMs or distributors.

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