SiClade Technologies designs, develops and markets a new generation of silicon carbide (SiC) particle detectors. Its specificity is to design ultra-fast and precise radioactive particle detectors in the medical field in order to offer radiotherapy systems a tool for securing their instruments for the benefit of patients. In addition, SiClade Technologies is pursuing the parallel development of detectors in the nuclear and space/medical-space fields. Finally, the company retains in its core business the analysis inherent in the design of detectors and can thus provide results of simulation work in its offer.


By working on multidisciplinary projects, the founders of SiClade Technologies cover quite extensive areas of expertise, ranging from expertise in materials science to expertise in radiation/matter interactions. They obviously apply to the field of detection and cover a large range of detected particles: X-ray, neutrons, UV, gamma, electrons... Moreover, for the needs of the sensors, the founders have also specialized in the design and manufacture of electronic circuits accompanying the detectors, transimpedance circuits but also analog and digital acquisition circuits.

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