The REOREV Group, with its focus on Industry 4.0 and its passion for mechanical engineering, operates in 5 business areas: Digital & Design / Industrial Product Development / Engineering Services / Production Equipment / Machining & Assembly. For over 55 years, they have been working alongside the big names in French industry, offering them original, sustainable solutions that create value. They cultivate a passion for what has never been done before, capitalising on people and knowledge-sharing to help their staff grow and lead their customers towards industrial excellence. From product design to mass production, via imaging and 3D animation in all its forms, the fields of application are numerous.


A vertical industrial offer including: Global Design approach centred on the use of the product on the basis of specifications / design, development and industrialisation / assembly of your products in our workshop using qualified and controlled processes. They also offer high added-value 3D services. Their expertise includes photorealistic computer graphics, 3D videos and animations, motion design, 3D viewers, virtual reality and augmented reality, with customer applications including design reviews, sales tools, marketing and communication tools, interactive assembly instructions, etc.

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Smart grids

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Electronics : materials, components and subsystems

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