Power System Technology designs and manufactures custom power solutions for medical, industrial, transportation, defense, tests and measures applications. In partnership with Vicor, worldwide leader in high density DC/DC converters, Power System Technology designs and manufactures modular power solutions. This approach reduces time for design and manufacture bridging the gap between custom and off-the-shelf power supplies. The company’s engineers add extra circuitry and intelligence around standard Vicor power modules. They are using their expertise in E.M.I., thermal management, mechanical packaging and environment qualifications. C.A.D. tool and thermal chamber, AC and DC programmable sources and loads, E.M.I. bench enables a full qualification of prototypes according to the most severe constraints of customer specifications. Power System Technology ensure flexibility and reactivity of inhouse manufacturing with dedicated equipment like wave soldering, automatic cut for wiring, ESD cabling bench... Each product at the end of the production line is going through automatic test equipment (ATE). A test result report is delivered with any serial number and archived to provide total traceability.

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