Polytech Tours is an engineering school of the François Rabelais University of Tours, and a member of the Polytech network (13 public engineering schools). Students graduate after 5 years of studying. The school teaches in 5 different fields: computer science/IT, industrial computer science, electronics and electrical engineering, mechanics and system development, construction and environment engineering. The courses are held in partnership with the IUT of Tours and Blois and the UFR Sciences and Technics. Polytech Tours also has 2 second year of a master’s degree classes: •Sciences, technologies and Health •Electronic and mechanical engineering


Polytech welcomes 5 major laboratories of the university of Tours: • The construction, landscaping and environment engineering team • The Computer science laboratory • The nanotechnologies, micro/nanosystems, components and integration team from the GREMAN laboratory. • The “Signal and Imaging” team from the UMR “brain and imaging”. • The mechanics and rheology laboratory.

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Smart power grids

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Smart power grids

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