POLYTECH ORLÉANS is an engineering school authorized by the Commission of the Titles of Engineer (CTI). The training is accessible from the 1st year (Post Bac) to the 4th year (Master). The training cycle delivering the engineering degree includes 5 years: - a two-year course of Polytechnic Engineering Schools (PEIP). - a 3 year Engineering Cycle (choice of options in 4th or 5th year). The training is offered under the status of student, in-service training, validation of experience and also learning in partnership with the ITII Center.


POLYTECH ORLÉANS trains engineers in the following 7 specialties: - Civil engineering and geo-environment, - Electronic and optical ecotechnologies, - Technologies for energy, aerospace and motorization, - Innovations in design and materials, - Industrial engineering applied to cosmetics, pharmacy and agri-food, - Production management (alternating) - building intelligence (alternating) The school also offers scientific masters in partnership with the Collegium Sciences and Techniques of the University of Orleans, a Master of Business Administration (IAE) in partnership with the Collegium Law, Economics, Management of the University of Orleans. Orléans, an international master in English (Automotive Engineering for Sustainable Mobility), a Specialized Master (bac + 6) of the Conference of Grandes Ecoles (CGE)

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