Manufacturer and specialist, Polytec designs optical measurement equipment for non-destructive real-time testing: vibrometry, velocimetry, surface metrology, online spectrometry. Also a distributor, Polytec offers complementary product ranges in optics, vision, industrial processes, acoustics, etc. Polytec France supports all professionals in the public domain (education, research) and industry (aeronautics, automotive, defense, electronics, agriculture, etc.). Polytech France offers multiple alternatives to its customers in addition to a quality technical and after-sales service: sale, rental, measurement service, training ...


Vibrometry: vibratory characterization of components, parts and surfaces: operational deformations, stress measurement, dynamic characterization Acoustic camera: localization and mapping of sound sources Velocimetry: measurement of speed and scrolling length Topography: control of surface condition, step height, roughness, flatness NIR spectrometry: physico-chemical and / or qualitative analyzes of your raw materials and finished products Industrial vision: range of cameras and lighting for your control and inspection needs Photonics: long distance microscope, colorimetry and analysis equipment Polymers and equipment: UV resins - electrical and thermal conductor, high temperature adhesives, silicone solutions, planetary mixers, UV lamp

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