One-sixone is a technology consulting and manufacturing company for the industry. One-sixone acts as an expert on all the topics of battery storage and supply. As well as in Consulting, in Support of innovation and projects on themes of chemistry, materials, mechanics and energy. The main activities of One-sixone are as follows: - Consulting: choice of technologies; - Accumulator / cell developments in co-contracting: design choices, prototyping, evaluation and validation of performances, industrialization and product qualification - Developments of batteries and battery systems - Manufacture of prototypes - Sourcing: audit and selection of suppliers, purchase and monitoring of battery / cell quality, monitoring and management of obsolescence of materials to guarantee performance.


Jean-François COUSSEAU is the creator and director of One-sixone. Previously Jean-François COUSSEAU was during seven years the Technical and Industrial Director of PROLLION. PROLLIiON designed, developed and manufactured battery systems and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that were intrinsically safe, custom-made and modular. Jean-François COUSSEAU previously held various positions at Saft, where he worked for fifteen years on the development of Li-ion batteries. These 24 years of experience in the field of batteries allowed him to acquire skills in: Applied and industrial research on lithium batteries; Industrialization of lithium batteries through continuous improvement work, validation and qualification of new equipment or new industrial processes; The management of development programs or improvement of Li-ion accumulators intended for demanding applications (military, space, ...); Setting up and directing development programs for Li-ion battery systems for energy storage for stationary markets (underwater applications for gas and oil exploitation, new photovoltaic systems connected to the distribution network), as well as only for the defense. Jean-François COUSSEAU holds a PhD in Industrial Process Engineering and Applied Chemistry, Electrochemistry option, from Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris VI).

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