The purpose of Olenergies is to provide solutions to a responsible energy transition. Our way of responding to the ecological emergency: producing in France sustainable, efficient and intelligent energy storage systems. Our systems are designed to replace lead batteries, electrify carbon-based industrial sectors and provide solutions to overcome the intermittence of renewable energies. Our solution: associate our batteries with an intelligent digital platform to greatly increase their lifespan and lower their cost over the period of use.


Each link in the energy storage chain is mastered: - The LiFePo4 cell designed and manufactured specifically for us, of exceptional quality and purity bringing + 20% of service life. - A BMS card configured internally and upgradeable. - Manufacturing in our workshops in France to reduce lead times, adapt the offer to specific needs (casing, power, etc.) and guarantee eco-design. - Energy Management software developed in-house to manage and remotely control storage systems via optimization scenarios based on Artificial Intelligence.

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