Novimaker was born in 2021 from the will of professionals in strategy & Eco-Innovation to put their expertise at the service of company managers in order to accompany them in the deployment of their innovations. We have always been convinced that innovation is one of the driving forces of a company, and that it must meet the criteria of sobriety, sustainability and responsibility. This is why Novimaker has chosen to systematically guide its customers towards an eco-design approach. They always want to be at the heart of the design and industrialization process. Because an innovation process cannot be improvised, Novimaker offers to company managers to secure their course and to optimize their budgets while guaranteeing them fast and operational results.


Innovation strategy (diagnosis of systems and organizations, industrial protection, definition of innovation strategy, definition of business model...), Innovation management (eco-design approach, management of industrial protection, setting up of business plan...), industrialization (product design and design assistance, realization of prototypes, support for product conformity for market launch...).

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