NOBATEK/INEF4 is a private applied research centre, French Institute for Energy and Environmental Transition in the Construction industry. Invent, develop and spread innovative and impactful solutions for the energy and environmental transition (energy efficiency and environmental sustainability) in the construction sector on both new developments and renovation projects. Drive innovation from ideas to market implementation. Their teams of researchers and engineers imagine innovative products and solutions that will improve the energy efficiency and environmental quality of buildings and neighbourhoods, and make them a reality.


Energy efficiency and green construction Technology for the construction and renovation of buildings Industrialization of building sites and large-scale renovation Solutions for resilient and sustainable residential development The user at the forefront of the design/production of the built-up environment Zero-Impact and Regenerative approaches to construction.

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Smart grids

Bâtiments et territoires intelligents

Systèmes électriques pour les mobilités

Électronique : matériaux, composants et sous-systèmes

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