MIV-SOFT is a software publisher of "data acquisition" and "data visualization" software for smart building and Industry 4.0 technical data. The objective of our activity is to provide simple means to collect, historize, process and analyze business data from dynamic interactive dashboards (without coding). The company designs a generic solution for technicians that enables them to rapidly develop high-level applications without worrying about the underlying IT complexity, to make the information chain more reliable and secure, to reduce development costs, and to increase maintainability thanks to assisted modeling and already integrated business processing.


MIV offers 4 areas of expertise based on a common modular base for a global approach to performance and efficiency: 1) TECHNICAL HISTORIAN allowing the collection of BUS and IOT sensors with BigData archiving, Analysis, Alert, Preventive maintenance of all industrial and tertiary equipment. 2) Advanced ENERGY EFFICIENCY ISO50001, EEC with analysis of metering plans, calculation of IPE, and visual energy management. 3) TPM PERFORMANCE with RMS times, causes of stoppage, TRS indicator, DO, for industries 4.0 according to NE60-182 standard. 4) OPERATION for traceability of manufacturing or cleaning operations for industries 4.0 with MES links.

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