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Agrivoltaics by farmers! Les Agriculteurs du Solaire's projects reflect their vision of the agriculture of the future, with farms on a human scale, committed to a collective approach to a single local project, and generating food and energy sovereignty for the territories. Their vision of agrivoltaics is built around the demands of agricultural unions, and the needs of farmers, with a strong ambition: each project is built locally, and must first and foremost benefit the farmer by guaranteeing him a rent, shares in the company carrying the project, and a diversification of his sources of income. Their projects generate co-benefits for the local area, with a contribution : - in taxes for the local authority where the project is deployed (mainly IFER - taxation forfaitaire des entreprises de réseaux - up to 5,000 euros per megawatt for the territory) ; - in reliable, local, low-cost electricity for public buildings, economic players - first and foremost the farms involved in the project - and local residents. Discounts are applied to the final electricity bill on the principle of collective self-consumption.

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