(LS2N brings together the skills of the IRCCyN and LINA laboratories in cybernetics and computer science.It includes the activity of more than twenty research teams, it is structured into five areas of expertise: - Signals, Images, Ergonomics and Languages - Science of data and decision - Software Science and Distributed Systems - Systems Design and Management - Robotics, Processes, Calculation and five cross-cutting themes: - Company of the future - Energy management and control of environmental impacts - Life sciences - Vehicles and mobility - Digital creation, culture and society IRCCyN is a joint unit of the CNRS, attached to the Institute of Information Sciences and their interactions (INS2I), to the Institute of Engineering Sciences and Systems (INSIS) and to the Institute Biological Sciences (INSB). Local supervision: Ecole Centrale de Nantes, University of Nantes and Ecole des Mines de Nantes. IRCCyN participates in the production of knowledge, technologies and enhancement in the field of science and information technology and Communication (StiC), engineering sciences and cognitive psychology for human-machine interactions. 260 members (11 research teams, technical, IT and administrative services).


In the field of the S2E2 cluster, the laboratory declines its project into three major components: - Energy management: how to better control the energy consumed (by optimization of the hardware / software pair, by a better distribution of energy flows, by the integration of renewable and ambient energy sources (energy harvesting)) . - Control of the transport and connection to the network of new energy sources (largely renewable) and new charges (electric car). - Control of environmental impacts (in terms of air pollution, soil, sound, etc.)

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