Research center on divided material - UMR 6619 (CNRS-University of Orleans) The divided material in the broad sense essentially includes the complex muddled environments and of reduced dimension with variable scales of disorder. It includes materials which can be porous as clay, tuffeau, carbon, polymers, etc… The absorption of the complex fluids where the insertion of metals, semiconductors, polymers in these environments leads changes - sometimes radical – of electric, electronic, structural and transport properties. They consequently affect their feature. The divided material includes nanotubes and nanofils, divided nano-aggregates, auto-organized nanomaterials where the coupling between the surface, its treatment and its reactivity play an essential role in the structuration, the auto-organization and the electronic transitions (metallic not metallic of Mott). It can be added the colloidal suspensions, the granular systems and the interstellar dusts which are closed to ultra-divided material like defined by P. G. de Gennes (Nature 2001). The CRMD’s has a dual approach: experimental by leaning on a multidisciplinary approach (synthesis, electrochemistry, MET, RMN, synchrotrons radiation, neutrons, ESCA, AFM / STM, etc.) and digital (Monte Carlo simulations, molecular dynamic, browning dynamics and quantum chemistry).

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