The research areas of the various GeM teams are structured around the Materials - Processes - Structures triptych, whose main aim is to develop and implement integrated approaches covering the design, manufacturing and operation of industrial components (aeronautics, automotive, energy , civil engineering, ...). A wide range of materials is processed: geomaterials, metallic materials, polymers, composites. At the level of the processes, the works are mainly oriented around the rheology, the assembly, and more generally the implementation of the materials. All the teams are also interested in the analysis of the functional functioning of the structural components: response to mechanical and environmental stress, sometimes extreme (seismic, crash), sustainability in the broad sense (including risk management, life cycle analysis) . To develop predictive analysis methods and to be transferred to the industrial sector in the short and medium term, the laboratory relies on a base of skills and know-how shared across the different teams. These skills are at the same time experimental techniques, modeling and numerical simulation. The laboratory aims in particular to develop experimental means in the following directions: installation of test benches at the scale of the structure, or close to real industrial conditions, equipped with multi-physics instrumentation. We will also note the development of monitoring means (SHM) and measurement based on optical methods (fibers, ...). The modeling methods developed within the laboratory focus in particular on the non-linear, multi-scale, and multi-physics aspects, also including the consideration of uncertainties. Innovative numerical methods are also developed in direct interaction with these modeling and experimental characterization efforts, particularly around coupling and durability. A specific effort is also devoted to model reduction techniques.


- Modeling and Simulation - Health Check, Reliability and Structural Calculation - Mechanical State and Microstructure of Materials - Materials, Processes and Composite Technology - Water-Geomaterial Interactions - Materials-Environment-Works

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