Hymoov is a young company, created in 2021, which combines two complementary players: IDEA, an industrial Supply Chain provider, and IREMIA, a specialist in energy recovery, who share the desire to act in energy transition. Hymoov started from the principle that we are facing major challenges that will determine our ability to live on this planet for the next few times, by cohabiting and respecting other species as well as our environment. These issues are considerable challenges to overcome. Hymoov is part of the process of those who believe in their ability to meet these challenges, and who take action. Hymoov proposes to produce clean, multi-purpose energy: hydrogen. This project meets three objectives: to be an alternative to burying wood waste, to preserve natural resources and to develop the energy autonomy of the territory. The purpose of this project is to recover wood waste that will be used for the production of syngas. This will then be purified and recombined to obtain the desired gas.


Our strength can be found in particular in the career of Hymoov's president, John Bilheur, who allows us to have expertise on the outlet of our input, as well as on the pyrogasification market. John is in particular founder of IREMIA, specialist in recovery of wood waste and producer of wood energy. The partnership with IDEA gives us credibility + knowledge of the economy of the territory. At Hymoov, we are a project developer. Our first unit in Montoir de Bretagne will allow us to benefit from essential experience feedback to set up other projects

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