FineHeart is a French company that designs medical devices based on innovative technologies in the cardiovascular field. FineHeart's patented FLOWMAKER® (Implantable Cardiac Output Management System) is a fully implantable, wirelessly powered mechanical circulatory assistance device capable of optimizing cardiac output, while preserving the heart's natural beat. An innovative therapy, FLOWMAKER® represents a major advance in the treatment of severe heart failure. FineHeart was founded by a team of internationally renowned cardiac surgeons and cardiologists, led by Dr. Stéphane Garrigue (inventor of FLOWMAKER®), and Dr. Philippe Ritter (co-inventor of cardiac resynchronization therapy), as well as managers with specific expertise in the medical device industry, headed by Arnaud Mascarell (CEO & Co-Founder of FineHeart).


Fluid mechanics, implantable medical devices, cardiology, mechatronics, automation.

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Electronics : materials, components and subsystems

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Plateforme Technologique d’Innovation Biomédicale
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