The ESTIA campus brings together: - engineering training as well as specialized training: a bachelor of technology, a master 2, two specialized masters and two masters of science - a research center associating teacher-researchers, guest researchers and doctoral students - technical platforms at the service of companies - an incubator welcoming creators and business incubators


The research carried out at ESTIA research is technological. We study and design Human-Human, Human-System and System-System interactions that promote the emergence of a positive intelligence for users and implement them to contribute to energy and digital transitions and to the evolution towards industry of the future. Regarding expertise in the field of energy, ESTIA Research has a wide range of skills applied to micro-grids, the most effective ways to integrate renewable energy sources, including energy efficiency, energy storage, power electronics, control and optimized management of power flows, security, reliability and resilience of energy systems. In this context, ESTIA Research relies on simulation and experimentation resources to provide answers to the scientific and technological obstacles that arise from the new SmartGrids paradigm. Efforts are being made to propose innovations and viable responses to the problems posed by the massive integration of distributed and intermittent generation.

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