EQUIUM, a deeptech startup in the energy transition, is developing EQORE® a thermo-acoustic engine designed for heat pumps to produces heat and cold thanks to acoustic waves thermic transmission power. This is the thermo-acoustic revolution made possible after 15 year of R&D by EQUIUM : the use of sound waves to compress and expand a neutral gas to exchange calories. EQORE® (like EQUIUM CORE) is a new thermoacoustic core that allows a real technological breakthrough for heat pumps that traditionally use compressors based on the vapor compression technology of refrigerant gases with very high GWP (currently an average of 2500) and therefore with a very high negative impact on the environment. The thermoacoustic heat pump runs with all the advantages of a traditional heat pump (high efficiency, no combustion) while providing major additional benefits: the lowest total cost of ownership (TC0) of any heating solution, simplified regulation guaranteeing thermal comfort all year round, no refrigerant gas, silent, low maintenance and long life. EQUIUM's primary markets are residential and commercial air conditioning and heating first in France, then worldwide.

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