Created in 1925, the EPF, formerly the Ecole Polytechnique Féminine, was one of the first schools to train women as engineers. Since then, the school has continued to reinvent itself to train more than 12,000 innovative, daring and committed graduates in all sectors of industry and services. Historically based in the Paris region, the EPF opened a campus in Troyes in 2010 and in Montpellier in 2012. In January 2022, the Paris site moved to Cachan to accompany the development project. In 2023, the school will open a new campus in Saint-Nazaire. At the same time as its teaching activities, the EPF is developing research activities. The five major societal themes selected are: urban innovation, energy, mobility, water and health. The EPF's teacher-researchers are all attached to major, internationally recognised research organisations.


The EPF has an original vision of research: it is highly translational and multidisciplinary. Unlike structures specifically dedicated to one scientific subject, the EPF brings together complementary expertise (mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, mechanics, biomechanics, etc.) in order to understand the problems facing our society in all their complexity: - how to imagine the city of tomorrow, - how to imagine the transport of tomorrow, - how to imagine the materials and products of tomorrow, - how to imagine tomorrow's health. Our research and development activities are therefore carried out by the multidisciplinary SINGULARITY institute, which brings together all the EPF's players on the four campuses.

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