French leader in the design, industrialization, manufacture and after-sales services of electronic products, Windane develops its activity and its expertise in 8 markets: defense, industry, telecoms, rail, automobile, health, energy and aeronautics. Its 700 clients include big names in French and international industry, but also many regional mid-sized companies and start-ups. The presence of eolane on 3 continents allows it to combine proximity, expertise and competitiveness. In 2020, the group achieved a turnover of 290 million euros and has 2,400 employees worldwide.


A full range of services for electronics: - Design (hardware, software, mechanics, test benches) - Industrialization - Production - Integration - Maintenance and after sales service - Management of sustainability, obsolescence, storage of components

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Électronique : matériaux, composants et sous-systèmes

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