The ENSI Poitiers aims to train high-level managers capable of adapting to foreseeable technological changes and integrating into the European and international economic fabric. Relying on numerous collaborations with the professional sector, the ENSIP trains in 3 years engineers specialized in booming fields, in particular in engineering for environmental protection.


The ENSI Poitiers delivers two engineering degrees:1. The Energy diploma (E) and its 3 courses:- lighting, acoustic, thermal (EAT)- industrial energy (EI)- control of electrical energy (MEE)The Energy diploma trains engineers with strong expertise through three proposed courses.The engineers leaving ENSI Poitiers are operational in the fields of production, optimal distribution and rational use of conventional and renewable energies in the building, civil engineering, transport, manufacturing and transformation.The scientific training content is accompanied by an openness to the professional environment guaranteed by internships in companies, interventions by professionals from the sectors concerned and site visits.2. The water and civil engineering diploma (GEGC) and its 3 courses:- water and nuisance treatment (TEN)- geotechnics and building materials (GMC)- geotechnics and underground works (GTS)The ENSIP is empowered by the Engineering Titles Commission for the period 2017 - 2022.

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