Enman is a design and engineering consulting firm focused on software and hardware aspects of systems. Enman delivers solutions on: - General purpose platforms operating under Linux, Microsoft® Windows, Mac OS X, - mobiles (BlackBerry®, Apple® iOS, Android, Windows Phone), - game consoles (Sony PlayStation®), - proprietary or non-proprietary embedded systems (Mars Board, Raspberry Pi, Arduino) - server systems on .NET, Java and various other technologies.


Software development using programming languages (C / C ++ / Java / .NET) and providing multiplatform support. Mastery of processors and system architectures (ARM, PowerPC, Intel, Motorola 68k, Zilog). Securing data with the implementation of technologies at the data flow level to ensure their traceability and integrity. Enman delivers turnkey solutions supporting Linux and Microsoft® Windows Embedded systems, as well as DRM technologies such as Microsoft® PlayReady.

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