Through its Production Engineering Laboratory (LGP), ENIT develops multidisciplinary research activities in materials, mechanics, automation, IT, electrical engineering, robotics and production science and techniques in the field of Systems Science and Engineering. In the field of energy, ENIT runs the PRIMES Technology Resource Center, which is developing research into the integration of power electronics and energy management and storage. This platform, which is open to partnerships (services, expertise, collaborations, etc.), brings together research laboratories (LGP, LAAS, LAPLACE, CIRIMAT, LATEP, etc.), major industrial groups (Alstom, Safran, Capgemini), SMEs (Deep Concept, Cissoïd, Enerloop) and start-ups (Apsi3d, Selection-Enr, etc.).


Large-gap power component converters, Double-sided power module assembly technologies - High-voltage, high-temperature packaging technologies, Electromagnetic interactions (EMC), Reliability, Predictive maintenance, Smart energy networks...

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