Ener5 integrates and coordinates all the expertise specific to the world of energy and the environment by being at the crossroads of major issues for society today and in the future. Growing demand for energy and transport, optimization of industrial processes, improvement of energy performance, production of renewable energies, etc. In all these areas, ENER5 knows how to bring together expertise in order to provide solutions in line with market expectations to help its customers reduce their energy bills and reduce their environmental footprint. Photovoltaic : We are involved in the design and construction of photovoltaic projects for resale to the network, for self-consumption, with or without storage, and ensures overall management. Energetic performance Whether in industry, services, residential or transport, whether at the scale of a territory or a building, energy performance is a cross-cutting issue, a source of economic, environmental and societal. ENER5 thus puts all its engineering and consulting know-how at the service of your energy performance approach in order to support you in the sustainable and optimal control of this resource. Hydrogen: ENER5 through its expertise supports you in your hydrogen production projects through renewable energies and in the deployment of infrastructure for hydrogen mobility Storage : ENER5 is involved in the design and implementation of your energy storage projects by offering you the solutions present on the market and ensuring their overall management. IRVE / Ecomobility ENER5 teams support communities and private companies in decarbonizing transport by offering them concrete alternative mobility solutions that emit less CO2. They allow us to think differently about transport and contribute to the fight against global warming. ENER5 as a solution integrator offers charging infrastructure for electric and hybrid vehicles as well as dedicated IT applications for users, operators and managers.


PHOTOVOLTAIC (Resale, simple and collective self-consumption, etc.) HYDROGEN STORAGE (hydrogen, Flywheel, LI-ION, ...) IRVE (Electric Vehicle Charging) ENERGY PERFORMANCE (Audit, Engineering, EEC valuation, etc.)

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