Created in 2012 by the Syndicat Intercommunal d'Energie d'Indre-et-Loire (SIEIL), EneRSIEIL initiated the development of renewable energies in Indre-et-Loire. Thanks to its experience and numerous successful projects, the various energy syndicates in the Centre-Val de Loire region decided to extend its scope of action to the entire region. Local authorities are represented by SIEIL, Energie Eure-et-Loir, SDEI, SIDELC and SDE 18. EneRSIEIL has also surrounded itself with solid private partners (see list below), specialists in the world of energy, in order to consolidate its technical expertise on the subjects of energy transition. In 2018 EneRSIEIL became EneR CENTRE-VAL DE LOIRE and is carrying out methanization, photovoltaic, wind and hydroelectric projects throughout the region and beyond. This Société Anonyme d'Economie Mixte Locale (SAEML) proposes, develops and invests in projects that are genuinely beneficial to the region. It supports energy associations in advising and assisting local authorities wishing to invest in renewable energies and accelerate the energy transition.


EneR CENTRE-VAL DE LOIRE places the energy transition at the heart of the region. It is committed to ensuring that the added value of renewable energy projects remains in the region. EneR CENTRE-VAL DE LOIRE is committed to : play an active role in the energy transition; increase the share of renewable energy produced in the Centre-Val de Loire region in the energy mix; promote companies in the Centre-Val de Loire region; protect the interests of local authorities and citizens.

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