Founded in 1976, ECOFIT designs, manufactures and markets engines and ventilators. By 1981, ECOFIT expands its range with motors and ventilators with external rotor. This concept is the basis of technical and commercial success never wavered during the past 30 years. ECOFIT belongs to the group ROSENBERG since 1994. ECOFIT offers in its catalog a wide range AC mono-phase and three-phase engines and ventilators, and DC 24-48V. ECOFIT completes its offer with clients solutions developed in partnership, either from a catalog model or from customer's specifications, with as aim objective to define the optimal solution for them. Business and research and development services are organized around this goal, and help from the design phase. ECOFIT has built a solid experience in designing solutions with low noise, and in the development of high efficiency and low noise aerodynamics turbine. ECOFIT has a 7000 m² factory in Vendome (France), and produces 70% of its business in direct exports, among which 30% outside the EU.

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