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Le Ripault, the defense pole of the CEA in the Centre region, focuses all the trades and scientific and technical skills necessary for the development of innovative materials. This experience, developed at the service of the defense, is shared with industrial and institutional research partners on the technological platform “AlHyance innovation” in the field of non-emitting greenhouse gases energies, particularly in the hydrogen field (fuels and hydrogen storage cells). On the platform AlHyance, tool of the S2E2 cluster, the CEA Le Ripault set out with researchers, high technology industrial companies, SMEs partners to take up the scientific and economic challenges to promote the hydrogen field, bearing economic development, to industrial phase.

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Smart power grids

Systèmes électriques pour la mobilité

Matériaux et composants pour l'électronique

Smart power grids

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CEA – Le Ripault

Le Ripault
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