Bluetek is a major player in natural smoke extraction and overhead lighting on roofs. Bluetek offers a unique vision of natural well-being and safety, for all types of buildings. With 4 production sites spread across the country, resolutely focused on innovation, Bluetek focuses its development on complete solutions to meet the requirements of the most demanding standards and certifications: RT 2012, HQE, BBC, BEPOS, Passivhaus Bluetek belongs to Adexsi, the zenithal lighting - natural smoke extraction center of one of the world leaders in roof waterproofing. In addition to our smoke extraction activity, we offer a wide range of facade cladding solutions, solar shading, and control and control solutions.


We are specialized in natural smoke extraction, our experience is solid and recognized. In constant innovation, we regularly develop solutions and products that meet both safety and comfort. Since January 2020, the Genatis brand has enabled us to offer a wide choice of solutions for natural energy management. Offer solutions to improve occupant comfort but also reduce energy consumption and the ecological footprint of buildings. Natural light, ventilation, intelligent control, cooling of buildings, shading ... we advise and support you in the development of your project (light study, sizing ...).

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