AMARENCO deploys infrastructures integrating the production of photovoltaic electricity, in particular power plants with and without battery, network connected storage systems, as well as power-to-X solutions (such as green hydrogen) from our solar power plants . AMERENCO helps its customers achieve carbon neutrality and increase their economic competitiveness while striving to restore biodiversity in all the countries where we operate. Its business model consists of investing in the development, acquisition and construction of solar infrastructures in its own right and in partnership with the aim of consolidating the sale of electricity for each MW put into service. Its objective is to produce the most competitive electricity with the lowest carbon footprint thanks to photovoltaic solar energy to reach 5 GW of solar infrastructure in operation by 2025, 10 GW by 2030 and 50 GW by 2050.


AMARENCO intervenes at each stage of a photovoltaic project : upstream feasibility validation, complete installation design, assembly of administrative files and commercia/ fiscal and legal framework, selection of the most suitable technologies for the project, monitoring of installations for optimal performance.

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