With more than ten years of experience dedicated to applied research, AKETYS offers a consultancy, study and outsourced research and development service in the fields of industrial, aeronautical, automotive and railway engineering. Located in the heart of Ile de France, our applied research company is aimed at professionals from all backgrounds wishing to develop innovative projects. Through the diversity of their projects, AKETYS engineers place their expertise and performance at the service of your interests. Our desire to combine technological innovation and the excellence of the know-how of our engineers continues to assert itself through our partnerships with international groups such as Renault, PSA, Thales and even Safran. This allows us to ensure scientific collaboration at the cutting edge of current research. A recognized and valued partner, AKETYS in 2011 became an applied research center approved by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. Since 2013, our company has also benefited from a partnership privileged with the Ile de France Region (PM'UP winner). As a member of Systematic, Cresitt Industrie, Ravi / Moveo, Pacte PME, and now of the S2E2 cluster, AKETYS is today a key player in the innovation market.


From the investment decision to the industrial realization, AKETYS provides its partners and customers with high level skills to support them throughout the innovation cycle. Thanks to the quality of the know-how and the professionalism of our engineers, AKETYS has become a key player in electronics, mechatronics, optronics and software engineering technologies. AKETYS attaches particular importance to the recruitment and well-being of its engineers. We place the human factor at the heart of our performance. Our concern for excellence allows us to quickly offer all our independent and volunteer engineers responsibilities for large-scale projects with our partners or within the framework of R&D projects conducted internally. With responsiveness, in France or abroad, AKETYS engineers intervene in advanced technologies and develop turnkey systems. As a recognized and appreciated technological partner, AKETYS uses the know-how of its teams to support global R&D projects, particularly in the automotive sector (manufacturers and equipment manufacturers), railways and aeronautics. AKETYS 'business model is to develop technological building blocks with high added value, based on its strong skills, in particular on the mastery of piezoelectricity and ultrasound. Through its experimental approach, AKETYS aims to acquire industrial property and develop it, either through licensing or through the development (in partnerships) of products comprising its technological bricks. In general, AKETYS 'model is to master the file and industrial property (or know-how) in connection with its applied research and experimental development work, then to do build the technological building blocks by a privileged industrial partner. It is in this context that AKETYS is willing to invest in the field of piezoelectric blowers with synthetic jets. This development corresponds to the strategy of the company to create bricks of technologies based on piezoelectricity, which corresponds to its strong expertise. Moreover, this technology is also used to modify the aerodynamic boundary layers and could allow other marketing outlets.

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