Acsystème is an engineering company specializing in the The vocation of Acsystem is the analysis and control of systems. For more than 20 years, we have been supporting energy players in the performance of their systems through our expertise in modeling, simulation and development of algorithms (control-command, data science, etc.) as well as the Model approach. -Based Design (MBD).


Many problems that can be modeled by math are transversal to all industries, from automotive, aeronautics to the pharmaceutical industry. These mathematical descriptions allow us to optimize existing systems and respond to problems on production lines so that they are more efficient. Signal processing and image analysis can be used to monitor product quality. With high-performance computing, simulations are carried out rather than carrying out full-scale, long and expensive test phases. The digital revolution, with the rise of digital technology and artificial intelligence, fields in which maths intervenes, particularly affects manufacturers. The concept of the industry of the future, which must be connected, competitive and ever more innovative, is, for example, increasingly present. Manufacturers also produce large volumes of data that they have difficulty taking into account. And big data accentuates this phenomenon: how to analyze this data, understand it but also use it to improve their organization, their production or their sales? Today, it is possible to deal with more and more complex problems and to use more and more powerful algorithms, because computers are more and more powerful. Among the concerns of manufacturers to which mathematics can provide solutions: reducing costs, risks, designing more competitive products, with suitable materials, etc. Acsysteme can relate to the complete management of a project or bring additional skills in order to solve a problem encountered in the R&D phase. Moreover, by definition, any process can be modelled, that is to say describable by mathematical equations. Once the modeling of a system obtained, it is interesting to carry out simulations making it possible to predict its behavior, then to optimize the results while playing on the entry parameters. Of course, it is a question of providing all these results quickly, or in large volume in order to multiply the tests.

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