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Dalkia develops services focused on energy and environmental efficiency: large heat or cold urban grids, industrial utilities, maintenance of thermal and technical facilities, overall buildings management...
Dalkia is a major player in the fight against global warming and preservation of natural resources. Working in cogeneration stations, Dalkia improves overall yields of energy production and promotes the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


Thermal & electrical engineering


Thermal & electrical engineering

Lines of development

Bâtiments Intelligents
Géothermie pour le Bâtiment
Production, stockage et réseau électrique


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Direction régionale Centre-Ouest
40, rue James Watt – Acticampus 4 – BP90541
37205  TOURS CEDEX 3


Enterprise more than 2000
Effective : 1 000 (in 2018)
Year of creation : 1998
Date of accession : 01/01/2006