In 2016, wind power covered 10.5% of the EU’s electricity demand, with 154GW of installed wind power capacity. The ongoing electricity decarbonisation lead by the EU through its SET-Plan will continue to boost the wind energy market, which appears as the most mature and cost-competitive alternative to conventional power production. Also, offshore wind could reach a total installed capacity of 60 to 80 GW by 2030, included 6 to 12 GW of floating wind energy. The development of floating wind will not only maintain the Europe’s global leadership in offshore wind but also enhance economic conditions and lead to increased stimulation of R&D to develop world-leading solution which can be exported to global markets. The FLOAting Wind Energy netwoRk (FLOAWER) is firstly dedicated to train researchers in multi engineering required fields for a better development of floating offshore wind technologies under the constraint of LCOE minimization. THE 13 ESR’s, recruited will take benefit of the expertise of 21 major academic and industrial partners in the offshore wind energy sector and will jump into the most exciting period of the life-cycle of an energy segment, namely, the pre-commercial stage. Innovative methods and new models will be developed to address the scientific and technological challenges for this sector and help to design better performing floating wind turbines. The research training is implemented trough strong relationships between academic and industrial partners across Europe. The outcomes of these studies will benefit to the offshore wind energy sector through their direct implementation into some innovative products based on advanced models to perform socio-economical prediction, LCOE assessment and integrated design under the constraint of LCOE minimization.

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