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The aim of this project is to develop chemically designed 3D graphene architectures with the objectives to favour the intercalation of both cations, such as Li+ and Na+ , but also Mg2+ and Al3+, and anions (PF6-, BF4-, TFSI) in dual cells by controlling the interlayer distance between the assembled graphene sheets. The new materials, obtained after the reduction of graphene oxide sheets cross-linked using either organic pillars with selected lengths or new aerogel formation techniques, will display different intercalation sites dimensions, optimized passivation and porosity. Multidimensional electron transport pathways and minimized ions transport distances between bulk electrodes and electrolyte will thus be favored. These scaffolds will be used in innovative dual electrochemical cells configuration operating following an intermediate and reversible process between batteries and supercapacitors with the expectations to improve energy/power densities compared to actual electrochemical storage devices.

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Laboratoire CIRIMAT

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Start of the project on09 / 12 / 2015 | End of project on01 / 03 / 2020

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Smart power grids

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