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This project aims at achieving: 1) a more fundamental understanding of charge transport properties in relationships with the 3D architecture of composite electrodes for lithium batteries, brought by the development of complementary advanced techniques (broad band dielectric spectroscopy, NMR, X-ray and FIB Computer Tomography). 2) Robust and reliable numerical simulation algorithms of charge transport properties. 3) Smarter electrochemical modelling of power performance of lithium ion batteries by better implementation of charge transport properties and architecture effect. This way we expect to create innovative electrode architectures with significantly improved kinetics, allowing the design of much higher energy density lithium ion batteries for automotive applications. The partners involved in this project are the automotive company RENAULT, a young innovative company AUROCK, and several academic labs, IMN, CEMHTI, LGEP, MATEIS and ICMMO, experts in their fields.

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