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The ODySEA project is part of the overall development of the REMORA system by SEGULA ENGINEERING FRANCE. REMORA is a massive marine electricity storage system based on the isothermal compression of air. In development since 2013 at SEGULA, the project must now move to the laboratory demonstrator stage (TRL4) and it is within this framework that the ODySEA project is part. This will consist of the development of a demonstrator on larger powers (several kW) and the integration of all elements of the energy conversion chain.

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Produit / Prototype : 4

Action de communication : 8

Emplois crées : 12

Suivi de projet - Fin du projet : 4

Suivi de projet - Pendant le projet : 4

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CETIM (Ouest)

Laboratoire ARMINES - CEP

Information of the project

Start of the project on01 / 03 / 2018

Strategic business lines

Smart power grids

Matériaux et composants pour l'électronique

Smart power grids

Referent of the project

Stéphane OURY
Chargé de projets

06 80 33 73 61


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