The GREENHOPE project proposes to develop a science allowing to rationalize and optimize the electrochemical behavior of adapted organic redox materials aiming to create a new disruptive aqueous battery technology for the storage of renewable energies able in absolute to operate on more than 5000 cycles while delivering the best possible energy density for a cost close to 100US $ / kWh.

Project benefits

Suivi de projet - Pendant le projet : 1

Rapport final : 6

Action de communication : 12

Suivi de projet - Fin du projet : 12

Thèse : 6

Publication scientifique : 18

Emplois crées : 18

Brevet : 6

Suivi de projet - Pendant le projet : 11

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Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Information of the project

Start of the project on01 / 10 / 2015 | End of project on15 / 10 / 2018

Strategic business lines

Smart power grids

Referent of the project

Chargé de projets

06 43 65 78 56


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